3B8MB Mauritius EME DXpedition


So, here we are at it again….

after a one year long run, we are ready to depart next Wednesday for Mauritius.

This time the show will be run by more than just me. Corrado IK3YBX, Fabio IZ3IBL and Vittorio I3VFJ will be there to deliver a new one to the EME community on 1296 MHz.

250 Kgs of stuff will be embarked on our Flight including:

A 144 MHz EME capable station:

• 2 x 8 Crossed Yagi I0JXX  horizontal stack
• Spid RAS AZ/EL rotator with auto-tracking
• Low Noise LNA by JG RF
• Band Pass Filter by JG RF
• Solid State PA 1000JXX144 by I0JXX
• Elecraft K3 with internal transverter, GPS locked
• Messi & Paoloni cabling

A 1296 MHz EME capable station:

• Home made 2.4 mt Mesh dish with flared septum feed by IK3COJ & IW3HVB
• AZ/EL Prosistel rotators with auto-tracking
• Interdigital 4 el. BPF by JG RF
• Solid State 250W PA h.m. by IK3GHY, IU3CQP, IK3HHG
• KUHNE TR 1296 H-28 S Transverter, GPS locked
• Elecraft K3, GPS locked
• Messi & Paoloni cabling

A small End Fed antenna for HF band to give some FT8 New Ones along with the usual CW and SSB modes.

We plan to work Digital on 23 cm, and to be active on the CW REF Dubus Contest. On 144 MHz CW skeds are welcome too.





Updates soon.


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73.  Giulio IW3HVB