IW3HVB QTH Homepage

Welcome to my page.

I am Giulio IW3HVB.

I live in Spinea, a small town in the Venice mainland area.

I got my license in 1998, but I have been around OMs way before then.

I am third in line as Ham Radio Op. in my family.

My grandfather was Sergio was licensed as I1CEQ, and my dad Aldo is still very active as IK3COJ.

My main interests are on VHF & Up bands, EME and Contesting.

I love to operate as portable station in VHF contests, and I am Co-founder of IQ3LX club station.

Quite often I need to travel for work in very interesting places (I own a tour operator, check www.kiaoraviaggi.it) so I started to do Dxpeditioning too, with a focus on EME.

In this page you will find some of my activities, dxped. reports, projects. Pse enjoy it!

IW3HVB Antenna farm, right after a storm
Roof and Backyard tower