RU24 Repeater

This is a very simple installation, altough smart enough.

The antenna is a X-30 collinear dipole from Diamond, put at the summit of a 75 mt high steel tower less than 3 Km from my home QTH.

Repeater data are:

Callsign: IR3/IW3HVB (Temporary)

Frequency: 431.425 MHz

Shift +1600 KHz

Tone: 94.8 Hz

Mod.: FM + C4FM

Power: 5W

Locator: JN65BL

The repeater is based on the well known DR-1X from Yaesu, and serves very good in a 50 Km wide radius for mobile stations, and for 15 Km on hand helds, covering the Venice mainland area.

The Repeater has temperature compensated cavities as diplexer, and a circulator on TX.

Some 90 mtrs of 7/8 cellflex cable guarantee an acceptable loss.

The repeater is UPS protected and has a petrol generator on standby in case mains should fail. The generator tank gives around 20 Hrs of off-grid time before need to refuel. Switch from Mains to genset and vice-versa are fully automatic.

A great attention has been given to the electrical protections, with good earth connections, and in-line dischargers.