HF Station

I have never been very active on HF, given my main interests fall in the VHF and up bands, but since I moved the 144 MHz array from the rooftop tower to the new backyard tower, I finally had the possibility to install something much more performing than the Small CP-6 Vertical I had before.

So I raised the tower from 5 to 9 mts and Installed a serious multiband Yagi from antenna depot, a 335V2, with full size elements on 10 – 15 and 20 mtrs, plus a full size 40 mtrs inverted V dipole.

Still working on something for 80 mtrs, but I have not enough space for a full size antenna, so I’ll have to go for something smaller.

Rig for HF is a complete Elecraft K3 line:

K3 + P3 panadapter, KPA500 amplifier and KAT500 tuner.

I also built a 5B4AGN BPF set, just for the fun.